Our history

Making the impossible possible. An example of persistence and innovation.

More than 15 years ago began a story of passion and struggle that allow us today to have in the market a new solution for cement manufacture on a small scale. This is the story of a dream come true.

In 1995 SIME Ingenieros was founded. For several years the company focused on developing designs in mechanical, electrical, electronics and automation engineering and at the same time on manufacturing and assembling industrial equipments. In that period many developments and works were made at Cementos Boyacá in Colombia, today Holcim.

In 1999, one of our partners, a professional business manager with extensive experience in the industrial sector suggests the possibility of manufacturing cement at small volumes. SIME Ingenieros elaborates then a basic engineering and a feasibility study, which reflects a positive outcome.

To implement the project, funding was sought from family, friends and investors who knew about the cement market. This is how SIME Ingenieros starts designing, manufacturing, erecting and finally commissioning the plant on November 6, 2003.

This project gives life to Cementos del Oriente S.A. This allowed us to closely know not only the production process, but also the critical variables for a successful marketing; something that not everyone has the chance to experience.

The implementation of the first dry process rotary kiln mini cement production plant quickly became an industry phenomenon, being consulted and studied by specialists, researchers from international universities, government agencies, communities and entrepreneurs.

Having successfully operated the plant for nearly two years, SIME sells its stake in Cementos del Oriente and starts providing in-depth knowledge to companies interested in participating in the cement market with small investments, both nationally and internationally.

Until now, SIME has gathered vast knowledge in each of the value chain links of the cement industry. SIME has designed, manufactured and erected cement plants and has produced and marketed cement. This prepares us better than anyone else to support and advice companies and industrialists who wish to participate in this market.

Having defied all established principles and having proved it possible, SIME is then dedicated to providing comprehensive engineering services, from design to manufacturing, erection and commissioning. And this is what makes SIME a different company.

The extensive and deep industry knowledge, and having offices Colombia and a representative in Germany, has led SIME Ingenieros to provide technical advice to companies from around the world, including Canada, United States, Mexico, Panama, Costa Rica, Guatemala , Venezuela, Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia, Dominican Republic, Brazil, Libya, South Africa, Spain, Greece, Italy and Germany, among others.

Today, the company has a team of 60 people committed to the care and support to our customers.

This is our story. Something that was one day branded as impossible, it is now a reality.