Why mini-sized cement plants?

A mini cement plant (between 100 and 500tpd of clinker) can be a better solution compared to plants of medium and large size, for the following reasons:

  • It does not require a large investment. In this way small and medium entrepreneurs can venture into the cement business. This is the case of Ready Mix companies’ owners who want independence from large producers and want a stable source of cement in price and quantity.
  • Our mini cement plants have the same technology than plants of medium and large size.
  • Their production costs compared with larger plants are relatively higher, but competitive nonetheless.
  • It is possible to install a mini cement plant to attend an entire dissatisfied market that is too small for a medium size plant (intermediate cities).
  • A mini cement plant can be installed at remote sites with non-existent or inadequate access roads.
  • The whole production can be sold in the nearest market, reducing transportation costs.
  • In general, permits and licenses for a mini plant are easier to obtain than for a medium size plant.It is easier to find large enough mines near the plant, thus reducing the cost of transporting raw materials.
  • It helps developing local and rural economies.
  • Create jobs for small towns.